The future of transportation on the road is unquestionably electric vehicles (EVs), which are expected to account for 58% of all new car sales globally by 2040. As more and more people switch to using electric vehicles, concerns about the availability and necessity of EV charging stations are also growing. Some people may question if they can install an EV charge point themselves, without the help of a professional, at their home or place of work. When you purchase an electric vehicle (EV), it will typically come with a charger. Although there is nothing that forbids you from installing the charger yourself, we don’t recommend it. As with any electrical task, it is usually advisable to leave it to the professionals to avoid the frequently complex safety and regulatory considerations that come with installing an electric vehicle charger. As a result, we’ve put together this blog, detailing all the benefits of hiring an EV Charging Installer rather than doing the job yourself.

Better safe than sorry!

The most obvious and crucial reason to hire a Professional EV Charging Installation is to install your charge point to safeguard the safety of you and your loved ones, as is the case with any electrical job. EV chargers must transmit a lot of current to charge your car as intended. This indicates that you and the people close to you could be readily exposed to it should the installation go false, and the safety and performance of your EV charger are compromised. Therefore, it is always advisable to have your charge point installed by a professional to reduce the danger of fire, electric shock, or even electrocution.

Furthermore, installing a charger involves a specialist understanding of both your home or business’s electrical system as well as the charge point itself. Now, unless you’re a licensed electrician, it’s possible that you do not fully understand the wiring and concealed electrics in your home or place of business. As a result, hiring a professional EV charging installation is always preferable to putting in your new car for the first time only to discover that all of the wires have melted.

Electric Vehicle Installers Obey the rules

A competent EV charging installer can also ensure that your system conforms with the legislation governing EV charge points, which are frequently complicated. Some laws might be simple, like the requirement for authorization if your house is listed or rented, while others call for more specialized expertise. You will require planning approval to install your charge point, for instance, if it is larger than 0.2 cubic meters, higher than 1.6 meters off the ground, or next to a highway.

Additionally, you’ll need to make sure your electrical systems are capable of handling the workload as well as adhere to national wiring requirements. Although it is possible to build an EV charging station yourself, you must legally have it legally inspected to ensure that it complies with requirements. Utilizing a professional installation service makes it easier to finish everything at once as a consequence. An electrician typically has to have a recognized government entity certify an installation after it is finished. Installing your charger by a certified dealer, like Esteem Electrical, serves as proof that everything has been done correctly.

Assurance of Compliance

A trustworthy installation company like Esteem Electrical will mostly provide you with a copy of the charger’s certificate of accordance when they install your EV charge point. This document delivers added purposes in addition to serving as legal evidence that your charger has been installed safely and reliably.

Cost-effectiveness of EV charging station installers

One of the key motivations for doing this is to avoid paying a professional to install EV chargers and instead do it yourself. Consider it a valuable investment in your current and future safety. Physical labor, high-quality parts, and specialized knowledge are frequently not inexpensive. If employing a qualified installer to install your charge point isn’t enough to persuade you, it may be argued that doing so will be more cost-effective in the long run due to regulatory compliance and safety. Some EV charging installations in Auckland include a home visit as part of their service, much like we do here at Esteem Electrical. It allows us to give you a better price estimate.

Quality Service with an Expertise Side

The amount of competence and service a professional EV charging installer offers should also, be considered while making your decision. You should choose the right EV charging installer in Auckland, New Zealand that contributes a comprehensive package rather than one who will just install it and then leave you to figure out how to utilize it. Because you’re investing in one, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the best and the most professional installation you can.

As a result, you want to pick an EV charging installer in Auckland who offers an end-to-end package. Additionally, to ensure you’re getting the most out of the charger and its supporting software, they will provide post-installation instructions. At Esteem Electrical, we take pride in providing our clients with knowledgeable, unbiased advice that is backed by excellent service. When you select us to be your installer, we will ll be there for you at every turn, from the first inquiry to the installation and beyond. After installing your charge point, we believe that the service doesn’t end; we will continue to be available to provide advice as needed.

Recognize Esteem Electrical

As a professional EV charger business, we recognize the value of establishing rapport with our clients to provide top-notch service. Get in connect with our knowledgeable and accommodating team right now if you’d like some guidance on the kind of EV charger that would be most suitable for you. We’ll be pleased to assist you.