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Your house or business is expanding, so you need a new switchboard. A new system that can accommodate both your present and future needs must be found. The “control panel” for the electrical wiring in your home or place of business is your switchboard.

A switchboard update needs to be done, if:

  • You experience flickering lights, appliances that short circuit, or frequent trips of your circuit breakers.
  • If you turn on too many appliances at once, your fuses will blow or your power supply will struggle.
  • The existing switchboard is emitting audible buzzing noises.
  • The switchboard you now have is fairly outdated, especially if it employs ceramic fuses.
  • You wish to reduce the risk of fire because your panel is old.
    domestic switchboard upgrade
    domestic switchboard installation

    Specialist Electrical Switchboard Upgrade Service

    Many parts of Auckland, New Zealand are serviced by Esteem Electricals for experienced electrical switchboard upgrades. We have a reputable team of electricians who are completely licensed to upgrade switchboards in accordance with New Zealand standards. We will examine your outdated switchboard and make an updated recommendation that is best for your house.

    When you replace your switchboard, you can save thousands of dollars.

    • Do you want to spend thousands of dollars on reconstruction after an electrical fire that may have been avoided?
    • Did you know that electrical fires account for 90% of house fires and can be avoided by taking action right away?

    If your switchboard is older, you likely have overloaded fuses that over time could break free, produce wire problems, and even start electrical fires.

    In order to prevent blown fuses and provide a high degree of safety, we need a switchboard with higher capacity due to the power drain caused by our modern appliances on our aged electrical systems.

    All circuits must have an RCD (residual current protection) in order to comply with today’s requirements. When an RCD detects a malfunction in either our appliances or the electrical wiring, it should trigger and shut off all power.

    A brand-new switchboard looks nice and gives you an assurance that your electrical switchboard is no longer a danger.

    The cost of a switchboard is not prohibitive when considering the protection of your family. The most effective course of action is to speak with an expert if you are unclear whether or not your home requires an upgrade and want to maintain your switchboard up to date with the most recent safety requirements. Make sure you update your outdated switchboard before it’s too late to protect your family.

    Call 0800122539 for a free estimate from a certified electrician in Auckland, or send an online inquiry and we will call you to set up a time to discuss your switchboard upgrade and electrical needs.

    Esteem Electrical provides excellent service, and a large choice of services, and we can quickly obtain a local electrician to help get your house up to code. Give us a call right away because we’re here to help. If you need new electrical circuits, switchboard upgrades in New Zealand, electrical wiring, or any other electrical modifications for your home’s electrical system.

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