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One of New Zealand’s top companies for Interior and Exterior lighting upgrades is Esteem Electricals. We provide commercial clients all throughout the nation with energy-efficient lighting systems. In order to satisfy your needs, we offer specialized solutions. Because we have been in this business for almost ten years, we are ready when your inquiry comes in. We are knowledgeable about energy-saving LED lights, and we constantly strive to do our part to maximize your savings.

LED Exterior Lighting Upgrades 

Upgrade to the most recent LED lighting technology to lower your company’s carbon impact and save money. Upgraded lighting will be 80% more efficient and last up to 50 times longer than outmoded, pricey lighting.

– Your space will appear cleaner, brighter, and more inviting with improved lighting distribution.

– You will quickly see a return on your investment because studies have shown that LEDs have a beneficial impact on energy, mood, and productivity.

– Your lighting will be transformed from drab and traditional to brilliant and lively by our staff, who will work carefully and effectively.

outdoor led lights upgrade
exterior lighting upgrade

Professional Outdoor Lights Upgrade Service

– We take great pride in our high-caliber work and outstanding customer support.

– If you choose us for your LED outdoor lights upgrade, you will receive a custom design that is perfectly suited to the requirements of your team and organization.

– At a fair price, we will complete the task effectively and competently.

Complete lighting systems that improve operating efficiency 

Lighting that uses less energy is a quick and low-cost approach to lower energy expenditures and increase sustainability. With the help of our group of experts in lighting, engineers, managers of projects and construction, experts in lighting equipment, and administrators of rebates and warranties, Esteem Electricals New Zealand serves as your one point of contact for all Interior and Exterior lighting upgrades and retrofits.

To stores, warehouses, industrial sites, manufacturers, healthcare institutions, hotels, universities, and utility companies across the country, our electrical engineers have offered specialized lighting retrofits and upgrades.

To increase building efficiencies, Esteem Electricals provides a number of lighting optimization services. This includes:

  • lighting audits
  • lighting design and layout
  • fixture replacement
  • LED lighting technology and controls
  • lamps, ballasts, and sensor retrofits
  • smart lighting systems with intelligent controls
  • daylighting
  • project management and installation

Because of this, renovations and retrofits to lighting have a substantial effect on how efficiently a structure operates. A lighting update affects electricity quality as well as heating and cooling demands in addition to illumination quality. Why not increase illumination quality while lowering energy consumption?

Why should I use Esteem Electricals to illuminate my home?

In Auckland, New Zealand, Esteem Electricals has more than 5 years of expertise in installing and maintaining electrical lights for both domestic and commercial uses. Our skilled personnel is properly trained and insured to complete the task swiftly and effectively. If that is not enough, all work carried out by an Esteem Electricals specialist is covered by a lifetime guarantee, and we always provide our customers with upfront pricing information so they know precisely what to expect when the project is finished. To start your Light upgrades right now, contact Esteem Electricals for a consultation.

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