Upgrade your electrical switchboards for your electrical safety whether you’re moving into a new home or considering remodelling your current one. This is important regardless of home décor. We frequently overlook the necessity to update our switchboard to meet the criteria of new electrical equipment, which are changed to improve your life and safety.

Speaking of switchboards, we are all aware of how commonplace they are in our daily lives and how little attention we pay to them. We occasionally upgrade our switchboards, which can cause a number of problems. It may be time to replace your electrical switchboards if you see oscillations across your home or if a fuse frequently breaks while you use multiple appliances.

You must always make sure that all of your switchboards are operating at peak efficiency because they all regulate your electrical appliances and devices.

Make your house the safest place for your family to reside by keeping up with your legal requirements. This blog highlights the potential benefits of updating your home’s switchboard.

What exactly is a home switchboard used for?

A switchboard is the centre of your home’s electrical system, to start. In a technical sense, it is an electrical gadget that transfers electricity from one electrical supply source to other regions of utilisation. Switchboards are the centre of activity for any building and are crucial for all electrical connections.

That is why you need to keep them up-to-date not just to fill your electricity needs but also to keep you and your family safe.

The wiring regulations are evolving.

According to the new Wiring Regulations AS/NZS 3000, new Australia/New Zealand Wiring Standards are now being added to the electrical area. The following are the key modifications needed when using switchboards:

• New extended switchboard distances to increase safe working area and doorway access

• Making reference to the new switchboard standard, which will be utilised alongside the current standard

Why you might want to upgrade the switchboard in your house

Have you relocated to a new house? Or is your outdated switchboard in violation of the new rules? For the following crucial reasons, you should think about upgrading it in this situation:

  • Older switchboards cannot handle the demands of contemporary power

Traditional switchboards were created in the past to manage equipment from that era. So, they would normally meet the power requirements of a washing machine, tiny fans, and small kitchen equipment.

Australian/New Zealand households now have more electrical appliances than ever before, which continuously consume large amounts of electricity. Sadly, it can result in domestic electrical hazards including electrical shocks or electrocution when combined with outdated wiring.

  • There is just too much of a risk of fire

Switchboards that simply use fuses and replaceable wires run a significant risk of catching fire. If your home has such a switchboard and you frequently suffer blown fuses, the previously mentioned excessive power needs from modern equipment are to blame.

As the circuit breaker becomes less and less effective at accomplishing its duty, the system will become overloaded. Because of the overheating, switchboard parts could melt and potentially catch fire.

  • The law requires it

As previously mentioned, the New Zealand Government continuously reviews electrical regulations to ensure they meet present-day electrical needs.

Strictly speaking, safety switches must be fitted on all lighting and power circuits to prevent electrical accidents. Safety switches can shield your house and your life from electrical overload while fuses and circuit breakers guard your switchboard against that threat!

Modern switchboards, however, do contain high-performance safety switches. Thus, you should act right away if you haven’t recently upgraded your switchboard in accordance with safety rules.

How Esteem Electricals can assist with the upgrade of your switchboard

We work diligently to consistently provide top-notch services with the help of a highly qualified team of electricians. As a result, our team at Esteem Electricals can help with planning and coordinating a switchboard upgrade, such as:

• Disassembling outdated switchboards and removing them from the location

• Installing a new, upgraded switchboard

• Verification of the finished assembly’s readiness for use through testing and QA inspections.

Therefore, we can state that if you’re considering about replacing your switchboards, safety is really important. Your loved ones’ safety will be guaranteed, and your toddlers will be free to explore and wander without experiencing any form of anxiety thanks to this. You should get in touch with a specialist and concentrate on updating your electrical systems if you frequently experience fuse dripping. To meet all of your electrical demands safely, you may even find an Esteem Electricals closer to you in Auckland, New Zealand.

To receive individualised guidance and answers, contact Esteem Electricals at 0800 122 539 if you require any residential or commercial electrical services.