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Technology is advancing quickly, and so is the use of EVs (electric vehicles). The most popular options are electric vehicles because of their unrivaled long-range capabilities. Fast charging stations and electric vehicles are in high demand in Auckland, New Zealand, which is one of the busiest large cities that coexist with technology advancements.

One of the top solution providers for electric vehicle charging stations in Auckland, New Zealand is Esteem Electricals. We pledge to build dependable and long-lasting charging infrastructure for all EV owners worldwide. Come home to superior residential, public, commercial, and EV charging installation solutions that place a particular emphasis on quality and excellence!

The Services Provided By Our Esteem Electricals Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

  • Services for AC and DC charging for both public and private use.
  • Options for charging electric vehicles and motorcycles.
  • They are charging solutions for malls, cafes, game rooms, restaurants, workplaces, stores, private hangout areas, gyms, and educational institutions.
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All of your EV Charging needs are quickly taken care of at Esteem Electricals! The monthly stipends for each EV charging station are paid for together with any EB payments and audits. (this line can be modified as per the company)

The nation’s top qualified EV charger installers are on Esteem Electricals’ skilled team. We are the top service provider for EV charger brands like (), and many more. We can successfully install the optimum solutions for your property thanks to our large selection of EV chargers.

Expert EV charger installation in Auckland, New Zealand

  • Trust Esteem Electricals to install EV chargers in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Nationwide installer network
  • Honored installer for Audi, Porsche, and Jaguar

All vehicle makes supported

New Zealand’s largest installation of EV chargers

This a fantastic method to save money on transportation costs and save the environment at the same time is to drive an electric vehicle. Since your home charger is a crucial component of your EV solution, you can rely on Esteem Electricals to install your best home EV charger in a secure, competent, and reliable manner.

 Installers of electric vehicle chargers in Auckland, New Zealand

The countrywide team at Esteem Electricals can visit you and customize an EV charger installation in Auckland for your residence and your new EV.

Reputable installations for Porsche and Audi in New Zealand

Leading automakers like Audi, Porsche, and Jaguar recommend Esteem Electricals’ EV charger service in Auckland, and we can install chargers for any make of vehicle.

Educated and qualified electricians

The committed Esteem Electricals Professional Electricians handle every step of the process, from the initial phone call to plugging in your new automobile.

Establish yourself in 4 easy steps:

1. Home Evaluation

An evaluation of your home’s electrical system, the optimal location for the EV charger installation, and the additional capacity of your electrical supply should all be done before installing an EV charger. A certified Esteem Electricals electrician will do this work.

2. Report and cost of installation

Based on the evaluation of your home, your Sales and Customer Service Coordinator will offer a summary report and an installation quote. The report will include information on your home’s capacity, installation choices, and an estimate. Spend some time reading the setup of the EV charging station and selecting the best EV Charger installation option that best suits your needs; in certain cases, the next steps can be different.

3. Setting up EV chargers

Since Esteem Electricals has a long history of treating customers’ houses with respect, you may have confidence that we will take good care of your house as if it were our own. Your EV charger will be installed, tested, and certified as operating safely by a certified Esteem Electricals electrician in Auckland, New Zealand. We will go over everything you need to know about using your EV charger safely and address any questions you may have before we depart.

4. Customer service and maintenance

You can reach our dedicated coordinator by phone at 0800 122 539 or by email at if you have any questions or problems. There is also a tonne of helpful information in the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

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Frequently Asked Question's

What is the cost of an electric car?

The EV charging cost is similar to spending 30c per liter for gasoline if you drive an average of 25 to 30 kilometers each day (like most Kiwis). Depending on the model and your electricity retail plan, you may charge your EV while you sleep for roughly $3.00 per 100 kilometres. For 100 km, a quick charge might cost up to $10 and take 20 minutes.

Is fuel less expensive to charge than an electric car?

An electric vehicle (EV) may be charged for about $0.30 per liter of gasoline, which represents a significant cost saving. Conforming to the Ministry of Transport, the typical New Zealand car covers about 11,500 kilometers annually.

How much does it take to cost an EV charger Installation?

This will change based on your home’s current capacity, the charger’s location, and your electrical system. These queries will be addressed and a complete quote will be given following a house evaluation by our qualified electrician.

Will I be able to charge my EV at my home?

If you own an electric car, you can “refill” it at home, just pull into your garage and plug it in, unlike if you own a traditional fuel car. The majority of owners prefer to install an EV wall charger. Although it takes longer to fully charge, a regular outlet can be utilized in some situations (a house assessment will confirm this).

Do electric cars lose power when they are parked?

Due to the lack of moving parts and perishable components like fan belts and radiator hoses, electric cars can withstand prolonged periods of inactivity much better than combustion-powered engines.

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